In this week's 2 The Rescue segment we introduce you to Johnny!

Johnny was brought to to the animal shelter by a caring individual in the community. They found Johnny and knew he was very sick and needed meds and food if he were to survive. Johnny had a strong will to live, so with loving care, antibiotics and plenty of good food he pulled through and is now a handsome sweet fellow. Johnny is about 2 and a half years old. He is good with other kitty buddies and will sometimes bat around a toy or two. The times that he enjoys most are the times that he gets to hangout with his human, or maybe to look out the window.

If you are interested in adopting Johnny, please visit the animal awareness society website and fill out their adoption application. If you would be interested in coming out to the sanctuary to meet Johnny, please give them a call at 336-498-6013.

Let's get Johnny adopted!