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Kanye West files appeal to get back on Virginia presidential ballot

A judge ruled that the rapper was ineligible to appear on the ballot after finding that most of his electors were obtained improperly. West appealed that decision.

RICHMOND, Va. — Kanye West's campaign is fighting to keep the rapper's name on Virginia's presidential ballot.

Last week, a Richmond Circuit Court judge ruled that West wasn't qualified to have his name on the ballot after finding that his campaign collected 11 of his 13 electors through fraudulent or misleading means. 

State law dictates that a presidential candidate must find 13 electors who will pledge their support in order to appear on the ballot.

A lawsuit was filed that alleged that most of those electors were invalid. 

On Tuesday night, West filed an appeal with the Virginia Supreme Court to keep his name on the ballot for the November election. He also filed a motion for expedited consideration which could speed up decisions made in the case.