GREENSBORO, NC -- It was an election for the books. The 2018 Midterms brought more voters to the polls, elected more women to office and will bring more diversity to Washington, D.C. The election certainly shook up Capitol Hill so WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner went out to Speak 2 You.

"I’m happy with some of the way it ended, in other ways I’m not very happy about it. But I realize that the government plays a certain part in this country but at the same time I realize that the people are – we still have a job to do and what we believe in and we have to speak up for those things" - Deanna Lovin, Climax

"I'm glad it's over and I hope everybody is respectful and mindful of each other on Facebook and I hope it doesn’t just get bombarded with craziness like it did the last election. will pray that everyone does well and is successful and mindful of the good of the country and it’s citizens." - Debbie Rachel, Greensboro

"I hope we get what we want – I hope everybody gets what they want." -Jeff Rachel, Greensboro

Rob Overman – Greensboro

"I’m feeling pretty good about things. It was an interesting night and I’m feeling like a lot of the decisions that were made were encouraging and I think first and foremost what is most impressive is the number of people that turned out to vote. Especially when you consider younger people, millennials, you’re starting to see an impact there. It’s nice to see the next generation taking voting seriously." - Rob Overman, Greensboro

"I'm glad to see it wasn't just marching. They got out there, they voted and women got elected." - Lisa Marie Salinas, Greensboro

"We were really hoping to see more work across the aisle. This polarization is just horrible." - Terry Landers

"What we hope is that we have a balanced legislative system is that they work together – there are checks and balances and they compromise – that way it’s not a win just for one side but it’s a win for all Americans and all north Carolinans and that’s what we hope. " - Edward Bassett