CHARLOTTE, N.C. — President Trump announced Thursday he's coming back to North Carolina for a rally.

"Looking forward to soon being in North Carolina to hold a big rally for wonderful Dan Bishop, who is running for Congress. His opponent wants Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, and Socialism. He likes the "Squad" more than North Carolina. Dan has my Full and Complete Endorsement!" he tweeted.

The mention of the "Squad" referred to the four Democratic congresswomen Trump has been feuding with over the past several months -- a  group of women the president said should "go back" to where they came from.

The feud took center stage the last time the president was in North Carolina.

At one point, the crowd in Greenville began chanting, "Send her back!" -- referring to representative Ilhan Omar.

Trump said the new rally will be in support of Republican Dan Bishop who is running for congress in a controversial race against Democrat Dan McCready.

The race is basically a do-over after the first one was thrown out because of election fraud.

Early voting for the race is already underway.  Election day is September 10.

The president did not say when or where in North Carolina the rally would take place.

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