GREENSBORO, N.C. — Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally asked democratic leaders to move forward with impeaching President Donald Trump. This comes after weeks of hearings before House committees regarding the president's conversations with Ukraine.

Speaker Pelosi announced Thursday she wants the judiciary committee to start drawing up articles of impeachment. 

High Point University Associate Professor Martin Kifer says those are the accusations from the house based on their investigation. 

Kifer says this is another step in the process. Kifer says the House will formalize those accusations made against the president. 

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"You'll see maybe a hearing in the judiciary committee that will be concerned with actually formally writing these articles or may be a processes by which they will amend them, they'll debate them, they'll talk about what they think they found," said Kifer. 

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Kifer says the house will likely soon take a vote. 

If a majority of the house moves to impeach the president, the process will move to the Senate. 

Here, it will take a different course than what's been seen during the public hearings in the House committees.

"The Senate has the power, under the constitution, to try the president and when the president is being tried on these articles of impeachment it's actually the chief justice of the supreme court who will be presiding. Who will be making rulings," said Kifer. 

The judiciary committee could begin drafting articles of impeachment, as soon as next week. 

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