A Greensboro lawmaker wants to help student-athletes. Representative Mark Walker introduced a bill that would let college players make money off their image.

The Student-Athlete Equity Act puts pressure on the NCAA to allow student-athletes to profit off their own name, image or likeness.

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Professional athletes like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, they all make a lot of money off their image and a lot of companies will pay athletes top dollar to promote their products. But, according to NCAA bylaws, college athletes are prohibited from doing that.

So, Zion Williamson, for example, can't make a dime even though fans might be filling the stands to see him play. Walker wants to change that. 

"To be able to profit off the backs of many of the students, some which come from underprivileged are impoverished areas, to me that's not fair," he said, "If everybody else has access to the free market, they should as well."

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Critics say many college athletes are on scholarships or full rides getting a top-notch education. Walker argues, other students on scholarship aren't bound to the same rules, and can use their talents to make money. 

You can find the House Resolution here.