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UNCG kickoffs early voting with the 'Roll to the Polls' campaign

Political science students at UNCG are stressing the importance of their peers doing their part this election season.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Today, April 28th is officially the first day of early voting here in the Triad, ahead of this year's primary elections, which will be held on May 17th. 

On the ballot will be a variety of local races as well as the race for the North Carolina Senate seat, being vacated by Senator Richard Burr.

To kickoff, early voting, UNCG's Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement were out on campus informing their peers, about the importance of making sure they're registered to vote and taking advantage of the two-week-long early voting window.

Cameron Farrar is a Senior at UNCG who is double majoring in Sociology and Political Science, and he was one of the student organizers for this event. 

"Today we're getting people out to the polls, getting people registered to vote if they need to be. The big issue is accessibility because we no longer have an early voting location on campus, so our goal is to get students to the polls."

UNCG once was a polling place for voting, which made it easier for students to do their civic duty. Now that's no longer the case. Now the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement is doing the best it can to inform its peers about the importance of being registered to vote, and taking advantage of the two-week-long early voting window.

That group includes Junior Political Science student, Mushkan Khadka. 

"All these issues are impacting them, especially the local ones. This semester we've really been trying to get out to the world about the local elections. The mayoral candidates had a debate here as well, and it's important we know what the issues are because we live in this city, and got to school here, so it's important we know what's happening and how it's impacting us."

Again, early voting runs through May 14th. 

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