GREENSBORO, NC-- Just weeks away from what would have been her 31st birthday, the family of Meleshia Daye Roseborough say they plan to celebrate her life and continue the legacy she left behind.

WFMY News 2 first introduced you to Meleshia in 2011. She was diagnosed with Stage Four breast cancer in 2010 at age 24.

After finding a lump during a breast self-exam in July of 2010, she went to the doctor to share her concerns. The doctor said the lump was benign and that she should come back in 6 months. When she returned, she tried to get a biopsy but was told that she was too young to get breast cancer.

A full year later in July of 2011, she finally got that biopsy and the doctors confirmed what Meleshia had suspected. She in fact had breast cancer, Stage 4 breast cancer.

From there, Meleshia made it her mission to educate other young women about the very real possibility that they could get Breast Cancer young through her charity Eshia’s Ribbons. She emphasized the importance of advocating for your body and early detection. She also said that if women suspect they have a lump in their breast to try to get it biopsied.

WFMY News 2 followed her journey of recovery and was even there when she married her the love of her life Samuel Roseborough.

When Meleshia passed away in 2015, her family decided that they would pick up where Meleshia left off. They started the Team Eshia Ribbon in the Sky foundation. Since then the foundation has hosted a number of events that give back to the community like Meleshia did. The foundation also tries “to educate, empower and encourage” all women about the disease.

On November 4th, the foundation will be hosting a celebration of Meleshia’s life that is open to the public. She would have turned 31 that day. For more information on how to be a part of the celebration or how you can donate to the foundation visit