GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Mark your calendar, most students in the Triad will be heading back to school in 3 weeks!

And the timing isn't just by chance, it's state law.

Under the North Carolina law, public schools can't start before "the Monday closest to August 26."

The law went into effect in 2004 as a way to rake in more tourism dollars for the state. By pushing back the start date, families have all of August to go on vacation and pour more money into the economy.

Local attractions, like the Greensboro Science Center, have also benefited.

"Summer is our busy season, so the longer the better for us," said Martha Register, VP of Education at the science center. "And that translates into great economic power here in Greensboro."

But not everyone is a fan of the late-August start. Some argue it doesn't allow enough time for exams.

The start date can also be difficult for High School students who want to take community college courses, since the start dates don't align.

"I personally like the earlier start dates because kids are able to get their exams in before Christmas, said Steve Hall, a grandfather and former school principal. M

Most public schools in the Triad begin August 28.