So many things go into stopping a school or office shooting. In the case of the UNC-Charlotte shooting, a big reason more students weren't hurt or killed was because student Riley Howell fought the gunman.


Another reason, quick response time and a one-button remote locking system. "We have a mechanism that we can lock down every building on campus with one button. And we did soon as we learned of the call, we locked the campus down," explained UNC-Charlotte Chancellor Philip Dubois. 

Most colleges and universities have a way to text an emergency  message to students and faculty. But this is much more. This is a technology designed to lock all doors in every building... all at one time!

2 Wants To Know talked to the UNCC Police Department about that one-button lock down technology. It's been in place for at least 6 years now and they do frequent testing and practice with the technology to make sure it works. 

This was a new technology to most of us, so we called other colleges and universities to see if they had it:

Wake Forest: Has a remote way to lock most buildings on campus

North Carolina  A&T:  Has the ability to remotely lock down some campus building but not all 

Elon:  Has a card swipe system that also allows for remote locking of about 325 doors on campus-- mostly including exterior doors on residence halls, academic and common buildings 

High Point University: Has 1,500 cameras on campus to watch what's going on, but no remote system to lock doors.

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