We're continuing our summer loving series this morning. We've all heard that you have to be vulnerable to build trust and make a connection with someone. But, when should you be vulnerable? Is being vulnerable always a good idea? 

When you're feeling good about someone and have a good vibe, it's natural to want to share part of your life with them. Don't rush it. Test the waters, which means that you share a nugget of information and watch how they respond. Do they seem to care? Act concerned? Show empathy? If they do then it's a good sign. Get to know someone better as you continue to share more about yourself. 

You get a sense of when you shouldn't be vulnerable with someone if they don't handle that nugget of information well. Some signs to watch for: they're tight lipped and don't share anything with you. If they only ask you questions, but aren't willing to share about themselves. Do they act indifferent, disinterested or disengaged? If they tell you a story about someone else and are judgmental. Any of these signs indicates that you shouldn't reveal too much about yourself. And, you want might to reconsider going out on a second date with them. 

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