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Summer Ends As Bedtime Routines Begin For Kids

Summer nights can be exhausting, but getting kids back to a reasonable bedtime shouldn't be. Blanca Cobb shares tips for smooth bedtime routines.

Summer is coming to an end for many students as school starts back within the next couple of weeks. And many kids will be struggling to get to bed at a decent hour after a couple of months of late nights and lenient bedtimes. Here are some tips to help you get your kids get to a reasonable bedtime. 

An hour before bedtime, it's time to unplug from all electronics and start unwinding from a long day. Create a short, but relaxing routine. It could be reading a book or rocking in the rocking chair. Any thing that's relaxing. Adjust bedtime by 15 minutes each night or every other night until you get to the desired bedtime hour. 

When it comes to middle schoolers, their phone is the biggest obstacle to a restful night. Many kids like to use the alarms on their phones to wake them up. But, there are too many distractions such as notifications from texts/social media. If they have a hard time sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night and check their phones then they're more likely to stay awake. A solution is to keep their phones out of their bedrooms and use an alarm clock.

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