ROANOKE, Va.-- For the past two years, Trey Gregory Process and Problems has been helping victims of domestic violence to escape from their abusive partners and environments.

This group consists of five men, three of whom are Virginia Tech football players.

These guys have done complete home moves. They've also escorted these women from homes and transporting them to family, or to a shelter, within a matter of minutes.

The group has accompanied women to and from court proceedings to prevent harassment or intimidation.

Often, law enforcement won't or can't help until after an assault has happened.

As with everything, cost of gas, truck rentals and moving assistance adds up. The company removes these women and their children at no cost, but donations are accepted.

If you need help getting out of a domestic violence situation,click here.

You can reach Trey Gregory Process and Problems at (540) 556-7059.

Melissa Gaona is reporter at CBS Affiliate WDBJ. You can reach her on Twitter @MeliGaona or email:

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