You've probably seen it -- that Facebook post that looks like a legal notice -- claiming the network's going to make everything you've ever posted -- public.

The Verify team works to fight against the fake news you see online. Like this next viral message that claims Facebook is making everything you've ever posted public unless you copy this paragraph that includes two legal codes and share it to your Facebook wall. 

Facebook post

Verify researchers found out the social network shot down this rumor when it originated back in 2012 saying Facebook doesn't claim copyright to any of the material you've posted.

But remember, when joining Facebook, you had to accept their legal terms that includes agreeing to its privacy policy, services, and terms.

Now you can take some action if you don't agree with all their stated policies-- you can attempt to negotiate a modified with Facebook and consider lobbying  for Facebook to amend its policies through its Facebook Site Governance section. 

Also one of those laws stated in the the viral post, the Rome Statute, doesn't even apply to copyright laws or privacy concerns, it established the International Criminal Court that deals with genocide and war crimes. 

In December 2018, in a press release Facebook announced they gave companies like Spotify and Netflix access to users private messages.

"To be clear: none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people‚Äôs permission, nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the FTC," Facebook wrote in a blog post. 

So we verified, Facebook isn't making all your posts public nor is it effective in a sharing a legal notice on your Facebook wall to protect your privacy rights.