Is Netflix hiring binge-watchers to rate and review shows for $3,000 a month?


Nope, this is a hoax, spawned from a fake account.


Netflix Jobs Board


Among dream jobs of the world-- Professional Mattress Tester, Food Critic, Wine Taster--getting paid to rate and review TV shows unequivocally makes the list. 

That's why a tweet reporting that Netflix was hiring 'binge-watchers' for more than $3,000 a month, caught one of our viewers' attention.


"Please Verify," viewer Melvena Herrington wrote.

Dream job or big scam? First our Verify researchers checked the company's job posting site

There are currently no open jobs for binge watchers, but turns out—they were at one point, as far back as 2014, when WUSA9 reported it and most recently in March 2018, with the job title "Editorial Analyst, Originals"

Our researchers even found some of the lucky people on LinkedIn who got those coveted jobs.

But right now the only person tweeting about 2019 binge watcher positions are two accounts pretending to be ABC News. The "ABC Breaking NEW" handle has since been suspended by Twitter.


So with no positions on the official Netflix site, and with this fake account being suspended, we can Verify, this tweet is false.