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Verify: Yes, Colonial Pipeline does supply most of the fuel to North Carolina

The Colonial Pipeline supplies up to 75% of North Carolina's fuel.


Does the Colonial Pipeline supply most of the fuel in North Carolina?


Yes, the Colonial Pipeline supplies about 75% of fuel in North Carolina.



According to US Energy Information Administration, the Colonial Pipeline is 5,000 miles of Pipeline starting in Houston, Texas, and carries gasoline to New York Harbor.

In a State Senate Committee hearing Tuesday, McGowan stated up to 75% of each gasoline supply in North Carolina runs through the Colonial Pipeline.

Colonial Pipeline also enters straight into the Charlotte Airport and Motor Fuel Complex.

Meanwhile, McGowan said Plantation Pipeline, a separate company, provides between 15 and 20% of the supply to North Carolina.

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The rest comes from terminals from the Port of Wilmington.

"You do want to make sure when possible you do not want to rely on one link, cause then that causes vulnerability," Buttigieg said. 

Buttigieg acknowledged the heavy reliance North Carolina has on the Pipeline for fuel and said it was truly apparent when the Pipeline shut down. 

"It's one of the reasons why we are working so hard to upgrade America's infrastructure and we are not going to rest until we have the best in the world," Buttigieg said. 

There was recently an effort to build two Pipelines in North Carolina, but Dominion and Duke Energy canceled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the MVP Southgate Pipeline was denied permits needed for the project.

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