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VERIFY: NC landlords must make repairs in a timely fashion, but 'timely' can vary by problem

With AC units working overtime this week, some may give in to the heat. Are landlords on the clock to fix them?
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Temperatures are heating up this summer, making air conditioners work hard, and even break down. Those renting their living space might go through a landlord to ensure their repairs.

So, is there a time period in which the landlord has to fix the issue?


Are North Carolina landlords required to make repairs in a timely fashion?




This is true.

Yes, North Carolina landlords are required to make repairs in a timely fashion.


North Carolina lawmakers wrote up 40 pages of state law on residential rental agreements, with a section on repairs.

The state law states that repairs must be done "within a reasonable period of time based upon the severity of the condition, repair, or remedy."

"Typically, courts will allow a landlord, a number of days to either come to the property to look at the issue on their own or to get a inspector or some sort of contractor on site, get some quotes and then decide how to move forward and fixing a problem," Mumper said.

There are also some high-urgency issues that would deserve an immediate response, like a flood or fire damage. The law, however, is not specific about what is considered a severe repair.

Mumper's suggestion for tenants is to notify their landlords immediately of any problems, then, follow up the disclosure with a written request for repairs.

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