GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's a number we need to know, from the time we are old enough to comprehend words. The life-saving digits are 9-1-1. But, have you ever heard of calling 1-1-2 in certain situations? 


Good Morning Show viewer Debora Lesane from Elizabethtown, NC submitted a video inquiry via Facebook:

"Hi, Meghann. I was reading on Facebook how this young lady was riding down the road, and she was being followed by an unmarked car, but she wasn't sure if it was them (the police). She said her father told her about dialing 112, and you can find out if the unmarked police cars are really following you. Is that true? Will you VERIFY for me, please?"


  • Guilford Metro 911 Center
  • Office of Unified Communication


The number 112 is the 911 of Europe. Some U.S. phone carriers will transfer 112 calls to 911, but it is not guaranteed. Sometimes, 911 call centers cannot track 112, because the calls are transferred at the carrier network level.

So, what if you do have concerns about an unmarked car following you? Or, what if you just want to drive a little farther to get to a safe location before pulling over? 

Two years ago, WFMY News 2 reached out to the Greensboro Police Department with a similar inquiry. Then-public information officer Susan Danielsen said anyone who is concerned about an unmarked or suspicious vehicle trying to pull over a car should call 911 directly.


The answer to viewer Debora Lesane's question is false. Calling 112 is futile in an emergency situation, unless the caller lives in Europe. In America, call 911 in any emergency.

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