You've most likely seen the viral pictures around Halloween. Concerned parents sharing photos of candy with razors and sharp objects, or even having some sort of poison in them. But are these pictures real?

Our verify team did some digging.

We're taking a look at a report from the University of Delaware that investigated incidents of "Halloween sadism" from 1956 on. The report states it was "unable to find a substantiated report of a child being killed or seriously injured by a contaminated treat in the course of trick-or-treating."

In fact, there was only one time a child died from a poisoned candy, and it was no stranger. Back in 1974, Ronald Clark O'Bryan put cyanide in his son's pixie stick to collect his life insurance.

But what about those viral posts you see online with razor blades and needles? Experts say, most of the time those are hoaxes.

So we can verify that the idea that strangers in neighborhoods across the country are handing out tainted treats is false.

But hey it doesn't hurt to check your kid's candy just in case, even if it's just an excuse to sample the sweets.