GREENSBORO, N.C. — You probably know better than to risk taking a cruise through the Atlantic during hurricane season -- especially without trip insurance. Nonetheless, there are some pretty enticing deals right now, if luck is in your favor.


Good Morning Show viewer Rick Smith from High Point reached out to Meghann Mollerus about a phone call he received. He said the caller claimed to be with Royal Caribbean cruises and was offering a promotion for credit card holders over age 25 to fill unoccupied suites on cruises for free.

The only costs were $65 per person to cover port fees and taxes, and the traveler could take the cruise any time within 18 months. The only catch -- pay $130 on VISA or Mastercard.

Rick said he thought this sounded too good to be true, so he declined and asked Meghann to VERIFY.

VERIFY question about Royal Caribbean cruise promotion
Rick Smith via Facebook



Charbonneau confirmed the call viewer Rick received was not legitimate.

In an e-mailed response, she said, "This phone call does not originate from Royal Caribbean. This type of high pressure, "free" offer is not something we would endorse or allow. Consumers should always be wary with these types of offers. When in doubt, check with us directly or a travel adviser to validate the legitimacy of an offer."

The only promotion Royal Caribbean is currently running on its website is the Labor Day sale. If travelers book one of the available cruises within the time frame, they get 50 percent off a second guest. 

What about the so-called promotion viewer Rick received? The number went straight to a non-descriptive answering machine for "customer service" with no company name or service representative available. The voicemail said to e-mail any questions to A Google search of that e-mail address shows more people asking questions about similar calls made by various numbers.


The free cruise promotion viewer Rick received was not legitimate, and he was smart to hang up.

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