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Yes, A Snowy Winter Last Year Could Mean A Drier One This Year

You ask; we VERIFY. Similarly to fall patterns from year to year, a wet winter one year could mean a drier winter the next year.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's the classic question every year -- how much snow will we get? Perhaps the answer lies deep within the inches of snow from last winter.


Last week, meteorologist Terran Kirksey verified a question about dry falls. He said, historically, after a very dry or very wet fall season, the next fall is closer to average. 

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This VERIFY prompted a follow-up from Jennifer Johnson, who wants to know if the same is true for snow.

Credit: Jennifer Johnson via WFMY


  • Meteorologist Eric Chilton


Chilton said the answer is yes, at least based on statistics. Generally, a snowy winter precedes a less snowy winter.

"Since the year 2000, the Triad has had seven years with snow totals of 12 inches or more," Chilton said.

In all but two of those years, the following winters were less snowy. 

The average snow per year in the Triad is approximately nine inches.


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