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VERIFY: Can you file stolen packages on your insurance?

Thieves known as "porch pirates" could be out stealing your packages right from your front stoop. But can you file an insurance claim for the items?

The holiday months are a busy time for shipping companies working to get your packages safely to your porch, but thieves known as "porch pirates" could be looking to steal your packages.

We set out to verify -- if you become a victim of one of these Grinches, can you file insurance claims on stolen packages?

Kara Rose receives about three packages a week. Many of her orders are for her dog, Biscuit. She's already planning his Christmas surprise. 

"I'll probably get him some squeaky toys, because he always chews them up laughing," Rose said. 

But some people could be looking to steal some of that holiday joy.

A Macon home's security system recently caught a woman snatching a package off of Summit Avenue. 

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Kelvin Collins with the Better Business Bureau says porch pirates don't care what is in the boxes.

"This is definitely a crime of opportunity. These are not the thieves that are going to kick in the back door and steal your belongings, these are the people that drive by see a box and steal it," Collins said. 

According to a 2017 study by insurancequotes.com, 25.9 million Americans have had packages stolen from their porch or mailbox. The highest number of them happen during the holidays.

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But can you get your money back by filing a claim on your homeowners insurance?

Janice Roberts of State Farm says most insurance carries a deductible of $500 to $2000.

"Unless the claim exceeds the deductible, you really don't have a claim to file," Roberts said. 

Jo Ann Oni at the Georgia Department of Insurance says many people choose that higher deductible.

"The higher the deductible, the less your policy costs," Oni explained. 

 She says that means insurance would cover only big ticket items.

"During Christmas, people do buy expensive things like jewelry, toys, electronics. So sometimes it is over their deductible, they should file a claim if they need to," Oni said. 

So we verified yes, you can file a package on your homeowners insurance, but depending on the cost of your package, it may not be worth it.

Collins also says before filing a claim, it's best to reach out to the retailers, the shipping company, or the police who might be able to help find the package. 

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