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VERIFY: Is This Target Savings Hack Legit?

One mom says she returns her kid's worn item and sometimes exchanges it for a brand new larger item just months later as a way to save money.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We all like to save a few bucks, right? Especially at our favorite stores.

One poster on facebook says she found a way to save on kids' clothing at Target and it's going viral.

According to the mom in the post, she buys her kids Cat and Jack clothes, which is a Target brand. 

🎯❣🎯Target Saving Alert🎯❣🎯

Then after a few months of wear and tear, she returns the clothes, citing Target's one-year quality guarantee. Sometimes, she exchanges the damaged clothes for a larger size. 

She says it saves her money in the long run and all she needs is a receipt.

To verify if this is valid, WFMY News 2 went directly to Target.

We sent them the post and a representative told us that they do have a one-year extended return policy for target brand items like Cat and Jack clothing.

The representative said the return policy changed a few years ago  "in service to our guests and to stand behind the quality of our products."

So yes, you can return Cat and Jack items within a year with a receipt, if you aren't pleased with what you bought or it didn't hold up for one year.

So those claims in the post are true!

But when it comes to returning the item and getting it in a bigger size months later, that's veering on abusing the system.

Target wouldn't comment on tracking those kinds of returns, but other companies do so beware.