GREENSBORO, N.C. — Step outside for a moment, and you'll feel like you're in the middle of a dense tropical rain forest. It's July in North Carolina, after all, but it seems we are sweating more than normal. Is our imagination playing tricks?


Has this month been unusually humid?


  • Meteorologist Terran Kirksey


Yes, this month has been unusually humid, and the reason has to do with dew points, which bring moisture and mugginess.

The actual air temperature cannot fall below the dew points.

"We have been above 70 degrees every minute of every day so far in July, and we're not going to see that change until maybe the middle of next week.," Kirksey said.

As of July 17, the Triad has had 17 days in a row with low temperatures above 70 degrees. That is currently the fifth-longest streak in history, and the ranking probably will jump to third-longest by the end of the week.


Yes, the Triad is unusually humid this July, so take plenty of precautions and keep pets cool, too.

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