GREENSBORO, NC -- A big warm-up is here, even if it won't last very long. Get ready for 70° temperatures for the first time this year on Thursday and Friday. The WFMY News 2 Weather Team is tracking that, plus a 30°+ temperature drop for the weekend.

A strong breeze out of the south on Thursday will be pumping in warmth across the Southeast. As it does, temperatures will soar into the 70s across the entire Piedmont. Not only will it be warm, but we'll see partly sunny skies and no threat of rain.

Friday will continue to be warm, but a cold front will be on the way during the day. That front moves in late afternoon and will bring a few showers along for the ride.

Cold air returns behind that cold front, and it will be a dramatic change. Highs only in the 30s for Saturday with a chilly rain expected. We'll even need to watch for the possibility of a wintry mix in southern Virginia.

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