AUGUSTA, Ga.-- It was truly an amazing shot at the Masters Tournament Monday.

It has been viewed millions of times on Masters Tournament Facebook page and the views are growing.

Jordan Spieth hit a ball on No. 16 and it skipped across the pond without dropping in--much like when you through a rock across water and there's a scientific explanation.


WFMY News 2's Chief Meteorologist Tim Buckley shared the post on his page with an explanation of the science behind Spieth's skipping ball.

Tim says it works just like skipping rocks -- which happens because of the conservation of momentum (something we say everyday, right?). When the rock hits the water, the water pushes back on the rock, same with a golf ball.

BUT...You have to get it at the right angle and right speed otherwise the push back from the water won't be enough to keep the rock (or ball) going along.

In one word--Science!