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D'oh-Nuts! Officers Mourn Loss Of Krispy Kreme Truck

No injuries were reported after a truck delivering Krispy Kreme doughnuts caught fire in Lexington, Ky. Monday. Social media is buzzing with the officers' reaction.
Credit: Lexington (Ky.) Police
A Lexington (Ky.) Police Officer reacts to the Krispy Kreme truck that caught fire.

A Krispy Kreme doughnut truck caught fire Monday afternoon in Lexington, Kentucky, and the story is blazing on social media, after responding officers' witty Tweets.

No injuries were reported to the driver or anyone else and you would think that's the end of the sticky situation, right? Nope. The responding officers played up the joke about police and doughnuts and social media is loving it, sorry McDonald's we needed to use that line.

The officers used their best wit and made the best of the situation after everything was resolved. Some lighthearted photos were posted on social media that showed them in mourning over the burned up Krispy Kreme truck.

Officers didn't say if the load of doughnuts were all glazed or a mix. 

You should never cry over burned doughnuts, just grab a glass of milk and dip, right? 

Meanwhile back to the accident, police say the driver was traveling on the interstate after making a delivery and noticed some smoke in the cab of the truck. He was flagged down by another driver, who told him his truck was on fire. 

He was able to escape. It's not yet known how the fire started. Crews                 were able to extinguish the fire shortly after it was reported. 

The truck is a total loss.