Dozens of LimeBike bicycles were spread out across the parking lot of Ballard High School in Seattle on Friday morning in an apparent senior prank. A Honey Bucket porta-potty was also placed in the parking space for Principal Keven Wynkoop.

English teacher Gordon MacDougall said he arrived early Friday to see the display. He said there were no bikes there when he left the school at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

MacDougall said another teacher reported seeing some students wheeling the bikes down his street at 9 p.m. Thursday. A student also told MacDougall that the LimeBike company may have delivered a truckload of the bikes.

MacDougall noted how appropriate it was to put the porta-potty in the principal's space. There is a sign in front of Principal Wynkoop's parking space that says "Head Beaver."

"'Head' Beaver indeed," MacDougall said in an email.

Bucky the Beaver is the Ballard mascot.

LimeBike is one of the bikesharing companies in Seattle. It allows people to rent bikes through an app. They can drop the bikes off wherever they want. What makes moving the bikes tricky is that they come with locks and an anti-theft alarm if someone tries to move one without renting it.

KING 5 is reaching out to LimeBike to see if it was involved in the prank.