Wildlife, Nature and Landscape photographer, Dick van Duijn captured a stunning photo while on a photography trip with his friend in Vienna, Austria.

After taking hundreds of photos on his camera, Duijn captured a single photo of a squirrel that appears to be smelling a flower.

Duijn told NBC Charlotte he specifically went to Vienna to capture the ground squirrels.

"We were there for three days and took a lot of photos," Duijn told NBC Charlotte. "But this was the most beautiful moment."

Duijn's photo is quickly going viral on the internet with his two photos on his Instagram account garnering more than 30K likes and more than 2,000 comments. 

The Netherlands-based photographer said his photo was published on sites like The New York Post, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. 

Dick van Duijn has captured other stunning photos of wildlife throughout his career. Click here to follow him on Instagram.