SEVILLE, Spain — In the world of investigating crime, it's important to never say never. That's especially true when you're dealing with orange theft.

Last week, police in the town of Seville, Spain, became suspicious when they spotted two cars driving erratically and close together. Officers initiated a short pursuit with the drivers along a dirt road before being stopped.

However, it was when the cars were stopped that the situation became considerably more strange.

A married couple, with the assistance of their three adult sons, had their cars filled to the brim with oranges. Yes, the fruit. Not a few dozen, and not a few hundred, no; the citrus-loving group of five had nearly 9,000 pounds of oranges covering nearly every inch of a 4-door sedan and minivan, EuropaPress reported.

The family, however, gave a completely believable alibi when asked by authorities where the oranges came from: 'We were driving from far away and picking oranges up off the ground.' Yes, the estimated 8,800 pounds of oranges allegedly came by means of coincidence.

Photo: Emergencias Sevilla, Twitter

A third car was also discovered in connection with the mass theft, carrying even more oranges.

Police eventually discovered the oranges were stolen from a warehouse in the nearby town of Carmona. Each of the five family members was charged with theft.