PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. -- Amid a day that probably didn’t involve many of them, an unusually funny call came into the Paulding County 911 Center. It involved an odd case of trespassing.

“I’ve got an ostrich in my front yard,” the 911 caller said.

The line went quiet for a moment as the dispatcher formulated her next question.

“Is it being aggressive?” she asked.

“Um, it’s not being aggressive,” he responded. “It just looks like it’s lost.”

The dispatcher worked to find the number to the Department of Natural Resources and animal control. But the resident was already way ahead of her. He had already called both.

Meanwhile, the “ostrich” continued its frantic pacing.

“It’s just straight out in the front yard,” he told the dispatcher. “It’s just walking back and forth because I’m standing on the other side I guess.”

The dispatcher then confirmed that he wanted the creature removed.

“Yeah, I mean, what else can I do; in a subdivision,” he said. “And the kids will be getting home shortly.”

Ultimately it was Paulding County Sheriff’s Deputy Jamie Winkles who came to the rescue. With a little animal - and local knowledge - he confirmed that the ostrich was actually an emu – and the emu could belong to a nearby resident.

At this point, the creature had made a break for it, leaving Harborside Drive and heading over to nearby Colony Drive.

That’s where Deputy Winkles spotted the emu and eventually took it into custody before returning it to the home where it escaped.