STOKES COUNTY, N.C. -- Almost 24 hours later, and unfortunately -- we still don't have an answer on what the loud noise in the Western part of the Triad was.

However, we did speak with some folks who heard to noise -- and their stories are eerily similar.

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"Well it was just like a boom. One boom. I went a looked all around my house, and didn't see anything so I said whatever. You know," said Carolyn Tedder who lives in King.

"We were watching the Olympics, and it was just before 10 -- and we heard this "Whoom." just like that. I thought -- what in the world was that," wondered George Rouchard, who lives about 10 miles from King, in East Bend.

Just before 10 last night, WFMY got dozens of reports of people hearing a very loud boom in the Western Triad.

Some -- even said it shook their house.

Carolyn Tedder, who lives in King -- and George Rouchard -- who lives about 10 minutes from King say they also heard the sound. Carolyn -- says it was a very loud boom, and sounded like something exploded. George says it was more of a low woosh -- but both agree -- it was one very loud sound.

We spoke with the Fire Chief of King, and he says he also heard it.

At first, he thought nothing of it -- and honestly thought one of his kids had just fallen out of bed... that is until they started getting calls.

"As things progressed, the communications center started getting more calls, partly in our district, and partly throughout the county. So, our fire apparatus began doing just a reconnaissance survey of our district," said Steven Roberson, the Fire Chief of The City of King Fire Department.

We've reached out to every organization we know of to try and figure out what exactly the boom was.

Military, police, fire and rescue, airports, the national weather service -- and so far -- none of them have an answer.

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