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Phoenix teen's viral TikTok has the internet questioning reality

A knife, a sliced lemon and a perplexed teen have shook the mind of the internet thanks to a viral video.

PHOENIX — You remember that scene in "The Matrix." A black cat walks by the door frame and shakes of some water from her fur as Neo walks up a flight of stairs. As he rounds the corner, Neo looks back and notices the cat do the exact same action.

"Whoa, déjà vu," Neo said.

In the movie, that repeated action signaled a change in the code. But could life actually be imitating art?

One Phoenix teen may have found a "glitch in the Matrix."

18-year-old Jade Gonzalez was working at her mom's Phoenix restaurant, Asadero El Fogon, when a strange incident occurred involving a knife and a lemon.

Security camera footage captured the unusual incident and Gonzalez, who goes by the username @kahootdaddy777, took to TikTok to share her experience with the masses.

And after more than 3 million views, the internet is officially shook.

It all started as Gonzalez was in the restaurant's kitchen, prepping food for an order. 

During the prep, she was cutting some lemons for a customer and then turned away for a moment. When she turned back, Gonzalez realized the lemon she just sliced was still intact.

Watch the embedded video below, but viewer discretion is advised. Video contains language that may be unsuitable for some viewers.


SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN💀#greenscreenvideo #glitchesinreallife #glitchinthematrix #wtf

♬ original sound - KahootDaddy777

So what exactly happened? Did an actual glitch in the Matrix actually occur?

The answers to those questions may be a bit hard to comprehend. But a recent article from the TODAY show tried to take a crack at it by speaking to Rizwan Virk. He is a futurist and MIT computer scientist.

Virk offered his thoughts on the possibility of reality being a simulation, but concrete answers still prove to be elusive.

What do you think Gonzalez captured?

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