With Grammy awards airing this Sunday evening on WFMY, we know that some fans are obsessed with their favorite celebrities. For some the obsession is so strong that fans will walk, talk and act like celebrities.

Many fans are teenagers and we want to understand teen celebrity obsession.

It’s an allure of fantasy and reality. Their larger than life presence, popularity, lifestyle and money. It’s more than good looks. It’s what they represent. That doesn’t make sense. For teens, it’s what their celebrity represents that the teen identifies with. Whether it’s a character they’re portraying, philanthropy, life style, etc. The fantasy is that celebs have easy lives, no problems, always catered to, perfect bodies, always happy, etc.

When stars post on social media, teens get a sense of who the celebs are as people. Their interests, struggles, life styles, vacations. When celebs use their celebrity to bring attention to the wrongs of the world this can be impactful to teens. They learn that you can use your own influence to make a difference.

Teens understand that celebs control their image on social media because they're doing it too. So teens know that shots can be fake or altered.

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