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Yipes! A Phone Charger Caught This Outlet On Fire

Two take-a-ways: what kind of smoke alarm do you have and what kind of charger do you have?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — What was plugged into a couple's home outlet that cause a fire is something you have in your house and something you plug in daily. 

It was a phone charger. The charger started an electrical fire in my co-worker's house, smoke started filling the bedroom, but the smoke alarm didn't go off.

Credit: WFMY News 2

Why didn't the smoke alarm sound off? There could be a few reasons: what kind of alarm, where it was located. Not all smoke alarms are created equal.

You might have an Ionization alarm-- which detects fast flaming fires or you might have a Photoelectric, which best detects smoky and slow burning fires. What you really want is a dual sensor detector, one that does both.

The dual sensor also has another added protection “dual sensors are all interconnected. Therefore, when one goes off, the others go off too, making sure you hear them and get as much distance as possible from the fire”, explains a Consumer Report expert.

And don't miss this, smoke alarms have an expiration date of 10 years. Don't remember how old it is? Replace it. 

Placement of your smoke detector is key, they should be outside every bedroom, and inside every bedroom. Aside from the alarms-- you need to check that phone charger, if your charger gets hot when it's plugged it-- toss it.... now.

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