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My 2 Cents: Kids and imagination

Eric Chilton talks about how important imagination is in kids and what he found in his kids room this morning.

SUMMERFIELD, N.C. — So when I was a kid my mom and dad and all my siblings would smile at my crazy vivid imagination and how I could take a stapler and 2 spoons and make a robot in my mind.

Sometimes the outside world didn't even exist for a few moments or hours. They still joke with me about that today. My crazy sound effects that I do with my mouth and how I could entertain myself for hours.

Well, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. 

This morning I awoke and was excited that no one else was up yet. Then I heard it. Noises...well, sound effects and chatter coming from my youngest son's room. Upon further investigation I found him with his pretend army in the closet having a battle. I couldn't help but smile at the sounds and dialogue.

It was wonderful.

And it made me remember something. Imagination is so important for kids. And parents, don't laugh at this. It can serve them well as adults. Imagination turns into creativity and we could all use that in any line of work we end up in.

I use it every day as I craft stories.

So the bottom line. Embrace and encourage imagination with your kids. They'll thank you later.

But that's just my 2 cents.

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