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Failed New Year's resolutions: My 2 Cents

WFMY Anchor Lauren Coleman breaks down three reasons why many call it quits on their resolutions.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Can you believe it's already January 25? 

It felt like it was just yesterday, I was mapping out my goals for the new year on a vision board. I've got to say I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with my targets. More than I have in years past. 

Studies show more than 40% of people who set New Year's resolutions expect to fail before February with almost one in four quitting within the first week of setting their goals. 

Some of the reasons folks might not be able to hang on include losing motivation, being too busy, or maybe just a shift in priorities. 

But why are many people losing motivation to accomplish what they truly want? The answer could be simple. Maybe it's not something YOU want for your life. 

Forbes broke down the three reasons you may have already broken your New Year's resolutions. 

Error Number one. Your resolution is not yours. Too often, many resolutions have more to do with what other people think we should be doing rather than what we really want. It can be hard to stay motivated to do something when someone is telling you to do it. 

Error Number two. Your resolution is not connected to your people. It's much easier to accomplish something with the help of someone else. Pulling a friend or family member into your resolution can provide accountability and fun. 

Error Number Three. Forbes said… so what? How do your resolutions impact or benefit the world around you? Try connecting your goals to a global or local problem you care about. 

January is coming to an end, but it's never too late to hop back on the saddle. 

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, try choosing something you truly want, something you can do with a support system and something that impacts your community. Maybe this way you won't have the same resolutions year after year. 

That's My 2 Cents. 

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