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Why laughter is the best medicine: My 2 Cents

Maddie Gardner shares why she's turning to funny shows and entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — What we've been dealing with for the last two months is serious. More than ever, people are talking about somber topics - sickness, risks, separation. It's easy to understand why hearing about that all the time can bring you down. But you know what it's made me appreciate so much more? 


Laughing. I mean, real, deep, belly laughs that make you cry. 

I crave a good laugh. A time just to be silly. To sing ridiculously loud. To dance insanely wacky. To crack jokes. To watch comedies. To unwind. Just to be funny.

I've completed not one, but two comedic series on Netflix. Not trying to brag, but that's a total of 16 seasons. 327 episodes. All during this pandemic.

Did I mention I could be a professional binge watcher?

Now that I've blown through those shows, I've turned to watching funny videos on social media and listening to humorous podcasts.

It's my time to turn off my brain and just listen to mindless, good, funny stuff.

It's totally uncharacteristic, too. This is out of the norm. Typically I like to watch dramas or shows that make me think. Ones you really have to pay attention to.

Not right now. No, I don't want to think all the time. I don't want to watch shows that make me sad or worried. The real world has enough of that going on.

Give me funny. Make me laugh. It truly is the best medicine.