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Let's hear it for the parents who do whatever it takes to check off those Christmas lists - My 2 Cents

Sure, parents are responsible for raising their kids to be good people but they deserve some real praise for getting those coveted holiday toys!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s time for ‘My 2 Cents.’

This one goes out to all of the parents for all that all you do for your kids. But I want to get a little more specific – because yes, we love you for raising your kids, teaching them right from wrong, helping them be functioning members of society and all of that, but what you really deserve a shoutout for is Christmas shopping.

Black Friday is a week away and I bet your kid already has his or her Christmas list ready to go. Perhaps this year they’re honed in on one of these very anticipated toys: the Animatronic Baby Yoda or something called the Gotta Go Flamingo, which is a stuffed flamingo that uses the bathroom.

We see these Christmas Toy Crazes each year – in 1952 in was Mr. Potato Head, my own mother stood in line for Beanie Babies in the late 90’s (thanks, mom) and who could forget the brawls that broke out over Tickle Me Elmo?! Each year we see parents doing whatever they can to get their hands on these gifts, no matter the cost or physical toll.

Now, because of online shopping and the pandemic, going the extra mile to fulfill your child’s Christmas list looks more like setting alarms to wake up in the middle of the night when items go on sale or paying for overnight shipping. Nevertheless, you don’t get enough credit for the sacrifices you make to make sure Christmas morning is special for your kids.