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We don't have to agree but let's be nice: My 2 Cents

Have we lost the 'civil' in civil discourse? Can we get back to having conversations without attacking each other?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s time for ‘My 2 Cents.’

I’m taking off the “journalist” hat for a moment and coming to you as a person here. I am making that distinction because when I’m wearing my journalist hat – there’s no opinion expressed.

But Everyone has opinions about something. Actually it seems everyone has an opinion about everything these days – but the point is, we all think differently about things from time to time.

It’s hard for me to remember the last time we all agreed with something. Even saying, "Puppies are cute is sure to spark some kind of debate."

But here’s the thing – that’s fine.

You don’t have to agree with everything I personally believe and I don’t have to agree with everything you believe.

The thing I have issue with is when we lose the civil in civil discourse. When instead of talking to someone about why they think one way and why you believe something different – we are attacking one another and refusing to even consider the other side of things.

This is especially evident online. I encourage you to use whatever platform you’d like to share how you think and feel. I encourage others to do the same. But if you are so passionate about a topic that you can’t make a respectful and kind argument… keep scrolling.

We all have different opinions. We are entitled to them. We are allowed to challenge other’s opinions. But challenge does not mean assault. Let’s talk, learn something new, maybe form a new opinion or strengthen the beliefs you have. No matter what happens, let’s do it nicely. 

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