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My 2 Cents: How we've become obsessed with quarantine snacks!

Eric Chilton lets his wife Leslie go on a "snack rant".

SUMMERFIELD, N.C. — During the pandemic my family has become obsessed with meals. Mostly because we have nothing else to do. But even common snacks are at the center of conversation. My wife feels, how should I say, strongly about certain snacks that we have tried. 

Recently she went on what I call a "snack rant" about one particular potato chip that moved her more than "The Notebook" in 2004. She literally looked at me and said "turn on your camera! I have a My 2 Cents!" So, as any good husband does...I do what I'm told. Here's what happens when you let a "quarantined wife with 4 kids" go on a "snack rant" unrehearsed. Enjoy.

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