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My 2 Cents: Don't let your cell phone take over

WFMY News 2's Lauren Coleman says there are many benefits to cell phones, but says they can also get in the way.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We can't live without our cell phones. 

They are our home away from home. 

We use them to check email, stay connected, and of course check to see how many likes we got on the selfie we just posted on Instagram. 

They really are essential to our everyday lives, but they can also be a pain. 

By that, I mean distracting. 

Here's just a few examples from the past week or so. 

Recently, I went to lunch with a friend and throughout our conversation they continued to glance at their phone. 

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It made me feel ignored, but sadly I can't say that I've never done that before. 

I've been called out on it myself. 

We often talk about distracted driving, but there's also a thing called distracted walking. 

When I was at the grocery store, I almost walked right into another customer. 

Their head was buried in their phone. 

We've got to be aware of our surroundings. 

This could have been much worse if they were distracted walking in the parking around traffic. 

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Our phones do help us to do everyday tasks, but they can also make us less productive. 

I mean, how often have we sat on the couch with our phones for hours watching YouTube videos and lurking on Facebook?

Some of that time could be better spent reading a book or maybe going for a nice walk with a friend. 

We do need our phones, but let's try not to allow them to take over our lives. 

That's My 2 Cents.