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My 2 Cents: The pandemic isn't over yet

WFMY's Lauren Coleman reflects on the progress made during the COVID-19 pandemic and the obstacles that are still to come.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's been just over two years since health officials declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. 

The news startled people around the world. 

We were encouraged to stay in our homes, limit interactions with people outside of our households, and practice good hygiene. 

The world looks much different now than it did during the pandemic lockdowns. 

Many of us are no longer working from home or we're starting to travel more and gather for large events. 

It's almost like pre-pandemic times, but the reality is we're still in it. 

Often in conversation with others, I hear people say… "When we were in the pandemic" or  "Now that we're out of the pandemic, I plan to do xyz." 

I always think to myself, why are we treating the virus like it is a thing of the past? 

Yes, we have vaccines and boosters and new ways to treat COVID-19, but there are still people getting very sick and dying from the virus. 

We can't let our guard down just yet.   

As we continue to gather and live life like we once did before, remember to take precautions when necessary so we can one day reflect on COVID-19 as truly a thing of the past. 

That's My 2 Cents.  

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