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Four 2 Five: My 2 cents on slow drivers in the left lane

Eric Chilton has a message for everyone driving slowly in the left lane.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One of the biggest pet peeves of travelers in our country is the car that goes the speed limit in the left lane of the highway.

Eric Chilton agrees and vents about it in today's My 2 Cents.

"You know there are lots of things i will not give up for the new year....burgers, staying up too late and listening to music that annoys my teenagers. But one thing I sincerely, desperately want to leave behind is slow left lane drivers.

Its simple people. Its a passing lane. Don't chit chat with Aunt Betty and admire the highway beautification flowers while riding in the left lane!

Move over and let the rest of us use it they way it should be used.

I'm sure you're the same people who have 32 items in the 10 items or less express check out line.

Rules people...rules!

This one You Tube account called The Rough Jeep has the right idea.

He put a sign in his back window saying move over, your slow! Then he would pull in front of them and slow down to force them into the right lane.

My hero.

O.K. let me put it this way...turn it around... maybe this will help.  If it makes you feel better. stay in the right lane...then when that person flies past you at 90 mph on the left...you can smile as you drive past him  when hes having a chat with the trooper.

But until then. Move over, or i'll have to increase my blood pressure medication.

But that's just my two cents." 

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