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The power of crystals is real ... sort of | Ben Briscoe's My 2 Cents

If we want to change our life, we have to change our thoughts. Crystals and power colors can help!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Today I’ve got something cool to talk with you about: my favorite crystal. I’ve had it on my desk for about two years now to ward off negative thoughts and energy. Recently I moved offices, and I just felt off. I was overthinking everything, my head was spinning into a negative, dark place. Then I realized I forgot to move my crystal to my new desk.

Right away I should tell you: I’m not sure I believe in the whole crystals blocking negative energy thing, but I do believe in having powerful visual reminders of the kinda life you want to lead. By putting this front and center it sends a message to my brain to prioritize positive thoughts over negative ones. Every time I glace at it, there’s a subconscious reminder that I want to be a more positive person. That’s where the power of the crystal comes in.

There are all kinds of ways visual cues have helped me in life. I’m notorious for writing motivational messages on my bathroom mirror with dry erase markers.

And growing up my mom, who’s a therapist, taught me about something called a power color. You pick a color and every time you see it you repeat a mantra to yourself. I chose yellow because it’s everywhere from legal pads to post it notes to lines on the road. Every time I saw yellow, I said: you are capable and worthy of your dreams coming true. After about a month I didn’t have to say it anymore because when I saw the color it automatically reminded my brain.

If we want to change our life, it starts with changing our thoughts. And props like a power color or even a crystal can be a huge help.

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