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Small business continue to put customer and community first: My 2 Cents

WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner shares her experience going inside of a small business for the first time since the pandemic.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s time for ‘My 2 Cents.’

I’ve been very cautious from the start of this pandemic. I started getting most things delivered – including groceries and toiletries and really anything I may need. I’ve used drive-thrus, take out and curbside food services so I don’t have to sit down inside of a restaurant. I haven’t gone to get my hair cut or my nails done. I haven’t been inside of a store in months. 

You get my point: I’ve be super careful.

But yesterday I got a surprise text from one of my good friend’s boyfriends. He told me he was proposing last night. I obviously had to get her an engagement gift and it was too last minute to order anything, so I masked up and headed out.

I drove to a locally-owned gift shop in Greensboro. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.

There was a sign on the door telling people masks were required and to keep your distance from others. Every customer was following the rules. There was hand sanitizer out for us to use and the store seemed to be freshly cleaned. 

I was impressed. I felt safe. I would go back again.

I truly believe small business owners are taking this seriously. They want their doors to remain open and avoid another shutdown. They are once again putting their community and customers first by doing what they can to slow the spread of this virus and making sure we’re comfortable shopping and dining. 

We know they’ve had it rough the last few months – forced to close, change their business models, and now to reopen to a new set of rules and regulations. To get through all of that and still find ways to make us feel safe, that’s a business I want to support.