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We all need a good group of friends - My 2 Cents

WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner reflects on how lucky she is to have a group of good friends and encourages you to thank yours.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s time for, ‘My 2 Cents.’

There are so many things you can say about good friends. Really – if you Google “quotes about good friends,’ it gives you 1,050,000,000 results. Now, I didn’t get through all of those results before I taped this segment but I do have a lot to say about good friends.

I have five friends who I’m in a text group chat with – and at some point throughout the last week, we’ve all had a really horrible day. But all it took was one text and we were all there, rallying around each other, sending words of encouragement, love and support.

I was thinking this morning about how lucky I am to have that. To have a group who speaks life into my day and not only motivates me to do what I am doing but pushes me to do even more and be even better.

Everyone needs a group, a tribe, a few people who they can count on. I want you to take a few seconds and think about who that is for you. Now, send them a note and thank them for being there through it all. This is the time to talk about what you’re thankful for after all!

Maybe you’re still looking for that crew, and if you are, search for people who offer perspective. People who won’t always agree with you but will help point you in the right direction and help you along the way.