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Give the dog a (Jordan) bone: Smokey gets his paws on Tennessee Basketball's Twitter account

Who's a good boy at tweeting? Smokey X is a very good boy at tweeting!

It all started with a simple request: Tennessee Basketball asked for 1,000 retweets for Smokey X, and he'd take over tweeting during Wednesday night's game against the Samford Bulldogs.

The fans obliged and @Vol_Hoops went to the dogs. Everyone's favorite Bluetick Coonhound was placed in the hot seat to provide fetching online commentary.  

Smokey did it all. He directed people to watch the online game stream. He eased the minds of people who couldn't make it to the game because they were sick.

 At one point before the game, he played Pac-Man with Zach Kent.

He was doggone good at this social media thing. He was such a good boy, his mere presence (along with numerous dog puns) may have given Jordan Bone the edge he needed that night to put up his first career double-double.

In the words of Smokey -- he was tweeting 'nonstop smoke.' The Vols weren't looking ruff at all and ended up winning 83-70.

Hopefully this good boy gets a treat for all his hard work. 

And for fans of the WeRateDogs Twitter account, Smokey had one last h*cking cute post after the game: