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Watch: Learn more about Smokey in "Dog's Best Friend" video

He rolls in the dirt, plays catch with other dogs, and curls up on the couch to watch television with his people, but for Tennessee's mascot, life gets a more interesting on fall weekends.
Smokey X watches TV with his handlers on the night before a football game

(WBIR-KNOXVILLE) He rolls in the dirt, plays catch with other dogs, hates baths, and curls up on the couch to watch television with his people.

Sounds like a pretty typical pup, right?

But for Tennessee's beloved mascot, Smokey X, life gets a little more interesting on fall weekends.

More: 10 Fun Facts about Smokey

Most people know that Smokey is a family pet, as were the long line of bluetick coonhounds before him. We've introduced you to them before, in our Homegrown segment (including puppy pics, which are the cutest thing ever). Some people are aware that Smokey is cared for my members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, and he even stays with them on campus when there is a home game.

But now, UT has really giving us a glimpse of Smokey's public life, and the two students who take care of him.

They posted a video on YouTube that follows Smokey and his handlers, Jared Bruhin and John Edwards, during the weekend of the Georgia game. Jared picks him from his backyard lot, drives him to campus (with Smokey's head hanging out the window, of course), and he joins the fraternity brothers in the AGR house.

Gameday is full of meeting fans, posing for countless photographs, lots of petting, a few hugs, until it's time to really go to work. Smokey (and his handlers) lead the football team onto the field, and watch the game from the sidelines.

Watch the video below or by clicking here.

Most of Smokey's work is done on the weekends, but he will make occasional appearances during the week, like this visit to East Tennessee Children's Hospital last week.

Want to learn more about Smokey and other Tennessee traditions? Check out the Big Orange Locker page!