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'It's a priority thing and pride issue': No sports, but local high schools maintain its fields

Eastern Guilford's athletic director continues to mow all of his field despite life without sports.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Eastern Guilford's Athletic Director Randall Hackett is used to taking care of the fields alone, in the summertime.

He didn't expect summer to come so soon.

Without spring sports, he still has a duty to do. Hackett said during the school year, a few coaches help him take care of the fields.

"Kids come here and leave here, and go somewhere else, and say, 'Man, our fields are better than somebody else's," said Hackett. "We feel like we do that in a very positive light but we want to continue that."

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During the coronavirus pandemic, he takes care of the fields on his own about 2 to 3 times a week.

'We want kids taking pride in what they have here," said Hackett."I think with what's going on in this world now, a lot of people didn't realize what they had and with what's going on, they realize what they missed on out. It's just a priority thing and pride issue here for the kids here at Eastern Guilford."

He said he's had more time to mow, fertilize, and spray the grass. He also said he hasn't too as much because athletes are playing on it and the weather has held up. 

Hacket still makes it a priority to make sure the fields are kept in good condition for when they can be played on again.